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Barbov Engineering

Structural Design

The right decision for the client and the attention to details are our professional and personal responsibility.

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Our mission

We believe that the good designs are a product of the active partnership of the contractor, the leading designer and the structural engineer. We also believe that the optimal solution is often in the cross point of fiscal effectiveness, structural reliability and functionality.

Our mission is to find this cross point and we are fortunate to have found our calling in engineering steel structures for the public, industrial and commercial sectors.

We never stop improving and will continue to expand our professional expertise on how we can best serve our customers.



Tailored approach

  • Competent structural solutions, respecting customer specific needs.

  • Effective interaction between our team and all other design participants.

  • Easy access and quick feedback.

Investment responsible design

  • Preliminary case studies with costs estimation.

  • Proven design procedure using BIM technology, essential for highly manageable fabrication and construction.

  • Flexible structural design capable of future  growth.

Time consideration

  • Early start of operation and schedule reduction.

  • Pre-fabricated structural components with primarily assembly on-site and short construction programs.

  • Attention to low maintenance requirements in the structure's life.

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Our Services

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Preliminary estimation
of steel structures

Evaluation of existing design

Global static analysis

Steel connection analysis

Calculation of steel and composite structures

detailing and drafting

3D visualization
and rendering of structures, structural elements and joints

and design of suspended facades and claddings

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